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What does a Wedding Designer do?

wedding designer is responsible for the overall visual aesthetic of the wedding. Designers think in terms of the big picture. Our staff generate the wedding design and decor concept and how that concept will be threaded through each visual element. We will work in conjunction with florists, lighting technicians, and photographers to create the look and feel of the event. 

Think of it like this, you have a million ideas in your head about what you want at your wedding. From millions of little details to signage, table arrangements, and more. You could throw all your ideas on the wall or put them in a fishbowl and your wedding designer will turn them into a beautiful cohesive wedding event.

  • Creates the wedding design concept (based on your ideas)
  • Provides guidance on the color palette
  • Sources special equipment or props (such as power lift for hanging drapery or art deco lounge-style furniture)
  • Puts together a floorplan that works with your venue space
  • Makes sure all your decor elements arrive on time for set up on your wedding day

The ability to design an event and create an atmosphere is a unique and rare talent. "It's more than choosing linens and chairs,"  "A designer has an artistic eye that allows them to conceptualize the whole event and truly transform a space."